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Para quem queira tentar mobilizar os alienados que o/a rodeiam


(Eu é que há muito que desisti de tentar acordar quem não o quer fazer, ou é até incapaz de. Mas, se houver quem, ao contrário de mim, tenha esperança em tais tentativas, aproveito para deixar aqui a seguinte informação de interesse...)

A seguinte é a <localização> da Embaixada dos Estados Unidos da América, em Lisboa, que fica a cerca de 600 metros da Praça de Espanha, no sentido norte-noroeste.


(Cliquem na imagem para a ampliar.)


Também, quem tiver um smartphone com os sistemas operativos Android ou iOS, pode instalar a muito boa aplicação gratuita e, nas opções da mesma, escolher descarregar os mapas do OpenStreetMap de Portugal - e, deste modo, não precisa depois de estar a gastar dados móveis de Internet, de cada vez que quiser usar esta aplicação para se orientar.

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O que acontecerá a boa parte do Mundo com uma Guerra Nuclear



O seguinte é um trecho de promoção da melhor versão (a de 2000 e não a de 1959) do melhor filme que já vi, sobre a possibilidade de uma guerra nuclear neste mundo, que possui o mesmo título do livro em que se baseia, On the Beach.

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Não houve qualquer ataque químico na Síria


[E, se tivesse ocorrido um destes horríveis incidentes - que, sabem Bashar al-Assad e toda a gente bem informada, não são mais do que a desculpa perfeita para que o Ocidente possa intervir a favor da sua al-Qaeda - teriam, obviamente, sido os próprios rebeldes os autores do mesmo... É a mesma história do que se passou há 5 anos - e não só. Reparem bem na altura em que isto acontece: uns meros dias depois de Trump ter declarado que queria retirar as tropas estadunidenses da Síria...]


"There Wasn't A Single Corpse": Russia Claims 'White Helmets' Staged Syria Chemical Attack

by Tyler Durden [Zero Hedge]
Thu, 04/12/2018 - 04:44

Russia claims that the reported chemical attack in Syria last Sunday was staged by the "white helmets," a US-funded NGO lauded by mainstream media for their humanitarian work, while long-suspected of performing less-than humanitarian deeds behind the curtain.

Speaking with EuroNews, Russia's ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizov, said "Russian military specialists have visited this region, walked on those streets, entered those houses, talked to local doctors and visited the only functioning hospital in Douma, including its basement where reportedly the mountains of corpses pile up. There was not a single corpse and even not a single person who came in for treatment after the attack."

"But we've seen them on the video!" responds EuroNews correspondent Andrei Beketov.

"There was no chemical attack in Douma, pure and simple," responds Chizov. "We've seen another staged event. There are personnel, specifically trained - and you can guess by whom - amongst the so-called White Helmets, who were already caught in the act with staged videos."

Russia said it sent experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare - along with medics, in order to inspect the Eastern Ghouta city of Douma where the attack is said to have taken place.

Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement that the experts "found no traces of the use of chemical agents," following a search of the sites, adding "All these facts show... that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets."

All the accusations brought by the White Helmets, as well as their photos... allegedly showing the victims of the chemical attack, are nothing more than a yet another piece of fake news and an attempt to disrupt the ceasefire,” said the Russian Reconciliation Center.

In a statement to the UN Security Council on April 9, Russia's UN Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia outlined Russia's position on the timeline of the attack in Douma, as well as the Western response after the White Helmets reported that chemical agents were used:

On April 6, the new head of Jaysh al-Islam, following instructions of sponsors, derailed the evacuation of a party of fighters from Douma and resumed the rocket and mortar fire against residential areas in Damascus. The firing targeted [indistinct name of four areas]. According to official information, eight people died. 37 civilians were wounded. Unfortunately, we failed to see statements from Western capitals condemning the shelling of a historical district of Damascus. The following day, April 7, fighters accused the Syrian authorities of dropping barrel bombs with toxic substances. At the same time, diversions were being mixed up. It was either called sarin, chlorine, or a mix of toxic gases. Based on a well-known scheme, these rumors were immediately taken out by those who are financed by western capitalists; I am referring to NGOs and the White Helmets who are mendaciously acting under the cloak of health professionals. And these reports were also taken up and transferred to media outlets.

It behooves us once again to state that many of these dubious structures have a clear list of the email addresses of representatives of Security Council members, which shows that some of our colleagues, with a reckless approach towards their status, are leaking sensitive information to their protégés. Incidentally, all should recall the way that accidentally, the White Helmets put on the internet a video which showed preparations for staging a so-called victim of an alleged attack perpetrated by the Syrian army.

Indeed, over the last several years, reports out of Syria have been criticized as being primarily of anti-Assad origin and unverified.

In a speech at the UN, pro-Assad Canadian journalist and RT contributor Eva Bartlett gave her account of what's going on with reports out of Syria - calling western sources "compromised" and "not credible."

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Theresa May told President Trump on Tuesday that Britain would require more evidence in last weekend's suspected chemical attack before committing to a military strike against Syria, reports The Times.

The prime minister rejected a swift retaliation as inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) prepared to visit the Damascus suburb where at least 40 people were reported to have been killed by chlorine gas on Saturday. -The Times

May chaired a meeting of the national security council in London this week, where she spoke with Presidents Trump and Macron for the first time since the Douma chemical attack. It is reported that Trump, who's had a remarkable change of heart on U.S. involvement in Syria since the election, did not ask the UK to join military strikes.

A No 10 read-out of her call with the US president stated that they agreed the international community “needed to respond” but stopped short of blaming the Syrian regime. “They agreed that reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were utterly reprehensible and if confirmed, represented further evidence of the Assad regime’s appalling cruelty against its own people and total disregard for its legal obligations not to use these weapons,” it said. -The Times

President Trump also appears to have backed off an imminent strike after promising Syria would "pay a big price," and that the U.S. response would be decided by Wednesday. Trump reportedly canceled travel plans after reports emerged that Russian and Iranian involvement in Syria would complicate matters in the region.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said that the U.S. is still assessing intelligence on the alleged chemical attack, saying in a statement "we're still working on this." In the same breath, Mattis said the United States is "ready" to provide military options for Syria.




(Está disponível uma transcrição desta muito importante declaração, há poucos dias feita na ONU pelo Embaixador russo, Vassily Nebenzia, <aqui>.)

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Muito estúpido ataque à Síria por parte de Donald Trump



[Quem pense que o perigo de uma Terceira Guerra Mundial foi eliminado com a não eleição de Hillary Clinton, desengane-se... Pois, com alguém que não prima pela sanidade mental e com notórios complexos de grandeza na presidência dos EUA, que não pensa duas vezes antes de "premir o gatilho", é este um perigo que irá estar sempre presente.]



Peligro y estúpido ataque a Siria: los británicos y neoconservadores engañaron a Trump

[LaRouche PAC] 7 de abril de 2017 — El ataque con misiles crucero ordenado por el Presidente Trump contra la base aérea siria fue un acto “estúpido”, con base en mentiras descaradas que le vendieron a Trump los británicos y los neoconservadores que han penetrado su gobierno, y que no quieren ver que surja una alianza entre Estados Unidos, Rusia y China. Esta fue la evaluación de Lyndon LaRouche y de Helga Zepp LaRouche, quienes destacaron que la escandalosa y peligrosa violación del derecho internacional que le endosar a Trump, es parte también de la “revolución de color” que está ya a todo vapor, el golpe de Estado de Wall Street diseñado para tumbar su gobierno.

“Los británicos pusieron en movimiento esto contra toda la especie humana”, señaló Lyndon LaRouche específicamente.

Los ataques comenzaron a las 00:45 GMT del 7 de abril, en el momento en que se iniciaba el banquete oficial del Presidente Trump al mandatario visitante de China, Presidente Xi Jinping, luego de la primera fase de su reunión en la residencia de Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Después de la cena, Trump se retiró para hacer la declaración oficial del ataque contra Siria.

La acción que se calificó oficialmente como un ataque de “solo una vez”, se realizó desde los buques de la armada de Estados Unidos estacionados en el Mediterráneo, que lanzaron 59 cohetes crucero Tomahawk contra la Base Aérea de al-Shairat en Homs, Siria. El Departamento de Estado emitió una declaración en la que dice que se le dio aviso previo a Rusia en el contexto del acuerdo existente para evitar conflictos. Siria no fue informada directamente, pero se podría esperar que Rusia informó a Siria. El gobierno sirio informó que 6 soldados sirios fueron asesinados en el ataque.

En el anuncio de los ataques, el Presidente Trump estableció como un hecho supuestamente probado que “el dictador sirio Bashar al-Assad lanzó un horrible ataque con armas químicas contra civiles inocentes... No puede haber ninguna discusión sobre que Siria utilizó armas químicas prohibidas”. Estas son aseveraciones sin prueba que le pasaron a Trump como hechos, antes de que se realizara ninguna investigación competente por parte de la ONU o de ningún otro organismo. Diversas fuentes de inteligencia bien informadas le han dicho a EIR que la Fuerza Aérea Siria realizó realmente un ataque aéreo contra lo que ellos consideran un depósito de armas del Estado Islámico (EIIS), que resultó que tenía armas químicas pertenecientes a los terroristas, y que estos hechos son conocidos por las agencias de inteligencia de Estados Unidos, pero que no fueron reportadas verazmente al Presidente Trump.

En su breve anuncio Trump dijo también que “es del interés vital de la seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos prevenir y disuadir el empleo de armas químicas letales... Esta noche, llamo a todas las naciones civilizadas a unirse a nosotros en el objetivo de acabar la masacre y el baño de sangre en Siria”.

El Secretario de Estado, Rex Tillerson, alegó que Rusia no había cumplido en implementar el acuerdo de 2013 para destruir las armas químicas de Siria. “Es claro que Rusia ha fallado en cumplir con ese compromiso de 2013”, le dijo Tillerson a los periodistas en Florida. “Así que, o Rusia ha sido cómplice o Rusia ha sido incompetente en su capacidad de cumplir... Nosotros sentimos que el ataque fue proporcional”, agregó.

“Esto indica de manera clara que el Presidente está dispuesto a tomar acciones decisivas cuando sea necesario”, alegó Tillerson. “En ningún modo intentaría extrapolar que eso es un cambio en nuestra política o en nuestra postura con relación a nuestras actividades militares en Siria hoy. No ha habido ningún cambio en ese estatus”, agregó.

De acuerdo a un funcionario de la defensa de Estados Unidos, a quien cita la agencia Reuters, Trump preguntó primero el 5 de abril cuáles serían las posibles acciones militares, después de que las agencias de inteligencia le habían dado la línea de que las naves sirias estacionadas en la Base Aérea de el-Shairat habían lanzado gas sarín contra civiles.

No se ha presentado ninguna “prueba” pública. La única información pública se origina de los llamados “Cascos Blancos”, un grupo financiado por los británicos y con conocidos nexos con el Estado Islámico.




LPAC Statement on Syria bombing: Fraud Against the President; Fraud Against the Nation

April 7, 2017 — In reviewing the Syria bombing ordered by President Donald J. Trump yesterday, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche condemned it in the strongest terms possible. President Trump received a fraudulent briefing on the event itself – asserting that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack on his own population – despite the fact that U.S. military forces on the ground in Syria knew that the chemicals came from an Al-Qaeda base, as stated by Russia and Syria. President Trump was lied to by individuals in his national security/intelligence chain of command. The sources utilized to claim Syrian culpability for the attack are exclusively British, the same people who are coordinating the international attack on Trump’s Presidency, in an effort to destroy any positive potential for relationships with Russia and China to rebuild the U.S. and world economy. This was a violation of international law. Trump was setup. “The British set this in motion against the entire human race,” Lyndon LaRouche emphasized.

LaRouche said the Trump must immediately seek out those responsible for the fraud and fire them. A United Nations investigation of the incident must occur immediately. Following both, a war crimes prosecution would be appropriate. The President should never listen to the British. It is not accidental that this setup occurred right when the President was meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping – a meeting which has the British and their Wall Street allies completely apoplectic – a meeting which could portend a new and peaceful paradigm for economic and scientific progress.

LaRouche PAC is coordinating a national mobilization against this fraud, telling the President to fire those responsible, and return to the sound American system premises of his Presidency, not the World War III policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing less than the continued viability of his presidency is at stake. We are also demanding that the United Nations immediately investigate.

According to numerous intelligence community sources who have commented or who have been interviewed by LaRouche PAC, active duty U.S. forces on the ground in Syria knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical attack. The Syrians hit an Al-Qaeda base which was storing chemical weapons used by the terrorists. U.S. forces on the ground reported that it was not a Syrian chemical weapons attack up the chain of command. The United States had been notified of the Syrian mission before it took place and knew about the Syrian targeting. Someone either deliberately lied to the President about this information or kept it from him.

The on the ground intelligence purporting to document a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Air Force came from the White Helmets group, created by the British, financed by the British Defense Ministry, and totally penetrated by and supporting ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists. The other cited “proof” comes from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory which consists of a single individual, residing in London, who is notorious for widely disseminating inaccurate information.

The President needs to hear from those who voted for him and other patriots who are not interested in World War III or perpetual war in the Middle East. The swamp which needs draining is the Wall Street/London/Washington D.C. neo-conservative, liberal interventionist swamp which has squandered the nation’s wealth, and involved our youth in fraudulent wars destroying the morale of an entire generation. Mr. President, find, fire, and prosecute those responsible for this.

Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 Monday-Friday or call switchboard at 202-456-1414.
You can write a message to the White House at
You can tweet the President at @realDonaldTrump.

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colocado por Fernando Negro às 18:29

Noam Chomsky apoia Hillary Clinton


(A quem tiver isto passado ao lado - e, não é que tal seja importante para mim, vindo de alguém com quem sempre aprendi muito pouco - deixo aqui esta curiosa nota, sobre as próximas eleições presidenciais estadunidenses.)

Em declarações no início deste ano à estação de televisão pseudo-alternativa Al Jazeera, o não declarado líder intelectual de muitos activistas e supostos anarquistas, Noam Chomsky, disse que votaria em Hillary Clinton, se estivesse em situação de poder ajudá-la a ser eleita. E, podem ler os excertos que interessam dessa entrevista, <aqui> (num artigo onde também é denunciado que Chomsky apoiou monetariamente o pré-candidato democrata Bernie Sanders).
Hillary Clinton! A Secretária de Estado co-responsável por várias guerras de agressão, que gozou com a tortura e morte de Qaddafi e que irá prosseguir com o cerco militar da Rússia, fazendo o mundo continuar no caminho para uma Terceira Guerra Mundial.
Chomsky não só disse isto, como nessa mesma entrevista chamou a todos os pré-candidatos republicanos "negacionistas das alterações climáticas" - assumindo-se (com tal declaração e com alguns artigos seus recentes - [1] [2]) como um defensor da já mais que provada mentira do "aquecimento global provocado pelas actividades humanas".
Juntem a isto (1) o facto deste filósofo dizer que não é importante saber quem assassinou John F. Kennedy ou quem realmente cometeu os atentados de 11 de Setembro - [1] [2] - (e até mesmo que existem "imensas provas" de que a Administração Bush "não esteve envolvida" nos últimos) e (2) o facto de ser este conhecido autor um professor no sistema de estupidificação (leia-se escolarização) oficial - e de dar o mesmo até palestras sobre "política educativa" a outros professores, sobre como deverão os últimos prosseguir com o seu trabalho de estupidificação e domesticação - e, só mesmo quem tiver sido quase completamente estupidificado por este sistema é que não conseguirá ver que este conhecido intelectual não pode ser nenhum "anti-sistema" ou anarquista.

(Apenas uma nota de interesse, que pensei que deveria fazer, antes daquelas que poderão ser as mais importantes eleições de sempre, se - tal como muitos prevêem - vierem a ser as últimas eleições presidenciais estadunidenses de sempre.)

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Vladimir Putin avisa o Ocidente da proximidade de Guerra Nuclear


Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War: 'I Don't Know How to Get Through to You People' (Video)

'How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?'

[Russia Insider] Enrico Braun | Wed, Jul 6, 2016

Vladimir Putin has finally taken the kid gloves off.

The Russian president was meeting with foreign journalists at the conclusion of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17th, when he left no one in any doubt that the world is headed down a course which could lead to nuclear war.

Putin railed against the journalists for their "tall tales" in blindly repeating lies and misinformation provided to them by the United States on its anti-ballistic missile systems being constructed in Eastern Europe. He pointed out that since the Iran nuclear deal, the claim the system is to protect against Iranian missiles has been exposed as a lie.

The journalists were informed that within a few years, Russia predicted the US would be able to extend the range of the system to 1000 km. At that point, Russia's nuclear potential, and thus the nuclear balance between the US and Russia, would be placed in jeopardy.

Putin completely lost patience with the journalists, berating them for lazily helping to accelerate a nuclear confrontation by repeating US propaganda. He virtually pleaded with the western media, for the sake of the world, to change their line:

'We know year by year what's going to happen, and they know that we know. It's only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger - this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don't know how to get through to you anymore.'

Does anyone in the reeking garbage heap that is mainstream western media have a conscience? Do they even have enough intellect to get what Putin is saying - that they are helping to push the planet towards World War III?

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Quem melhor explica a actual situação política internacional


Acabaram por ser a última muito boa fonte que descobri, no meu processo de procura por fontes credíveis e de qualidade que denunciem o projecto da Nova Ordem Mundial e são, ao mesmo tempo - e de longe - a melhor de todas as fontes que conheço, no que toca a fazer um constante apanhado geral sobre o que, de mais e de muito importante, se passa e tem passado, neste incrível Mundo em que vivemos - e sobre o que o Império Britânico, que ainda opera nas sombras (como, mais correctamente, gostam eles de chamar ao movimento da NOM) vai fazendo, para tentar dominar este Planeta.
São o Movimento LaRouche, que é descrito como tendo os melhores serviços secretos privados do mundo. E, para constatar a inegável qualidade do seu trabalho, não é preciso ir mais longe do que um texto que eu traduzi e publiquei, há uns meses, neste meu blogue.
Querem saber por que razão está o Ocidente a tentar provocar uma guerra nuclear com a Rússia e seus aliados? Por que razão não falam os média de massas sobre o programa espacial chinês e o objectivo do último? Que possível alternativa promissora existe aos actuais problemas energéticos com que nos deparamos? O quão promissora é a aliança BRICS? Que alternativas económicas viáveis existem para mitigar o processo de Colapso que estamos a experienciar?
Então, só têm de estar atentos às muito boas publicações e sessões de esclarecimento que este movimento vai lançando e organizando.
O que se segue, é a mais recente dessas sessões de esclarecimento, que são semanalmente emitidas via Internet e que este movimento vai também publicando no seu canal no YouTube.

(Aqui esta mesma emissão dobrada em castelhano - e aqui o correspondente canal no YouTube nesta língua.)

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Realpolitik russa relativa à situação na Ucrânia


(Quem preferir outras legendas, que não em inglês, pode clicar no ícone que as permite mudar.)

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