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Não serás nunca esquecido, herói dos tempos modernos, Ruppert

"Why do we go through this stuff?... And, the answer that I keep coming to, is something that I wrote on Facebook, a couple of months ago... Someone went, 'Why just we don't roll up, and die now, and give up?'... And, I said, 'A warrior in times of great stress, like this, and when facing imminent death' - and, these are my words - 'continues with the daily routines, and the daily rituals, as if there will be a tomorrow, because it holds open the possibility of Victory'."

"And, if I'm happier, now (...) You have to allow me... That I've spent a lifetime earning the right to smile, when I realize that I'm not alone, and I see other really exceptional people rising up, and be innovating, and kicking ass, and

"There are people who would lay down, and die. Well, that's not a warrior's path. (...) The warrior's way... You fight until the last minute."

--- Michael C. Ruppert (1951-2014)

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