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Primeira péssima decisão de Bolsonaro: Sérgio Moro, o fantoche estadunidense, para Ministro da Justiça e Segurança Pública



Tal como chamei eu aqui a atenção para, em dois comentários que deixei a uma das minhas últimas colocações, não sou (de modo algum) um apoiante de Bolsonaro. E, tendo este futuro Presidente a personalidade que todos conhecem, já esperava eu da parte dele decisões que - mais do que serem meramente más - fossem literalmente péssimas. E, pelos vistos não demorou muito até tal ocorrer.
Segue-se um texto elaborado pela conceituada equipa da revista Executive Intelligence Review, sobre a natureza de Sérgio Moro e da restante equipa da operação "Lava Jato".
(Para mais denúncias sobre a verdadeira natureza desta operação, podem pesquisar sobre o assunto no sítio - nomeadamente, na sua secção de colocações em português.)


Lula Defense Exposes DOJ/FBI Control over Brazil’s ‘Lava Jato,’ Could Annul Conviction

April 2, 2018 — Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s legal defense team filed an explosive motion before the 4th Region Federal Regional Court on March 16, which could blow open the entire British Empire/Wall Street “Lava Jato” (“Carwash”) operation, which is being used to tear apart Brazil as a nation. Depending on how this unfolds, this counterattack by the Lula legal team could have blowback inside the U.S. as well, adding to the unmasking of the corrupt apparatus in the Department of Justice (DOJ) around Robert Mueller’s attempted coup d’état against President Trump.

The motion presents new evidence as grounds for throwing out the conviction and 12-year prison sentence handed down against Lula on patently flimsy “corruption” charges. Included in the evidence are on-the-record statements by high-level U.S. Department of Justice officials that Brazil’s Judge Sergio Moro and his “Lava Jato” hit squad which prosecuted Lula, cooperated intimately with the DOJ, bypassing “official procedures,” to “construct” their cases generally, and specifically against Lula da Silva, “in a manifest affront to due legal process and national sovereignty.”

The evidence submitted includes the July 19, 2017 speech by then head of the Justice Department Criminal Division, Kenneth Blanco, in which he cited the guilty verdict handed down against Lula da Silva as a leading example of the “extraordinary results” achieved from DOJ collaboration with the “Lava Jato” strike force, which he openly bragged operated outside “formal processes such as mutual legal assistance treaties.”

No one in Brazil had taken note of that publicly available speech until EIR published a press release on Dec. 16, 2017 with the relevant quotes, and identifying the overlap of this operation with the British coup plotters against U.S. President Donald Trump. The release hit Brazil like a bombshell.

Added to the evidence by the Lula legal team is the May 24, 2017 speech at an Anti-Corruption Summit in São Paulo by then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Trevor McFadden, second in command in the Criminal Division. The exposé added to Blanco’s assertion of DOJ control over “Lava Jato” and the case against Lula, among other gems, that Brazil and the DOJ “not only helped one another in the collection of evidence and the construction of the case,” but they agreed on what fines and punishments would be imposed in both countries.

In light of the above, and stating that the judge in Lula’s case had refused to allow any questions raised by the defense about foreign involvement in the case brought against him, his legal team therefore also demanded that the defense be provided documentation on all contacts and meetings between Judge Moro’s “Lava Jato” team and the DOJ/FBI.

If this motion prospers, every tree in the forest could fall.

Those who carried out the coup against former President Dilma Rousseff, and who are now trying to throw Lula in jail lest he win the upcoming presidential elections, in which he is the leading candidate, will try to sweep these new developments under the rug and proceed anyway, but Lula’s defense team has documented before the Brazilian courts and people that Lava Jato is an illegal, international attack on the nation, run through networks controlling the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice and the FBI in the United States.

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