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Isto é que é Patriotismo


Bravos irlandeses, que nunca deixaram de lutar pela independência do seu país, apesar de séculos de repressão e de terem até sido alvo de uma campanha genocida por parte do Império Britânico.

E, cujos alguns dos descendentes, mantendo-se fiéis ao espírito dos seus antepassados, continuam a lutar contra as novas formas de opressão imperialista.


David Rockefeller confronted at his dinner table by "The Sovereign Independent" at the Trilateral Commission

Sovereign Independent
May 10, 2010

At approximately 12:15 pm on 9th May, two representatives of the Irish newspaper, The Sovereign Independent entered The Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, where the latest meeting of the Trilateral Commission was taking place and confronted David Rockefeller at his dinner table.

We unassumingly entered the reception area of the hotel and proceeded through the lobby to the seating and dining area at the back of the premises where we sat down and ordered coffee. There was a table immediately behind us which was set up for lunch for 6 people.

We had a few copies of our newspaper with us and discussed posting a few at reception to Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller when to my utter surprise I noticed David Rockefeller’s bodyguard walking in my direction. Without acting suspicious I then observed the trademark walking stick behind the bodyguard and David Rockefeller was suddenly walking past us and took the seat at the table set for lunch directly behind us.

We immediately decided that we couldn’t miss this opportunity to confront the evil sitting in our midst and to our complete surprise were given the opportunity when the bodyguard appeared to leave the room.

With a few deep breaths we both rose and confronted David Rockefeller at his dinner table in front of his guests with the words. “Mr. Rockefeller, you will never get your New World Order. We are not your slaves; we are not your slaves.”

The room fell into complete silence as our words reverberated all the way through to the reception area with the stunned looks on Rockefeller’s guest’s faces evident in the footage. Rockefeller had a look of complete shock on his face as I leant over him and placed a copy of The Sovereign Independent right in front of him on his table taking care not to touch him in any way or to disturb anything on his table.

We calmly turned away as the bodyguard, clearly not knowing that we had caused the disturbance, ran past us to get to Rockefeller. We walked the approximately 40m to the front entrance, down the drive past the attending police officers and onto the street.

Unfortunately due to the risk of our phone being taken from us as we were filming the video is a bit shaky and Rockefeller can only be seen briefly at the end, almost in silohette, although, anyone who knows what he looks like should clearly recognise him. He is only in the last few frames of the video on the far left.

We’d been there the previous day with Jim Tucker, holding a peaceful protest, outside the gates with a number of other groups which had gone well. Hundreds of copies of the newspaper were handed to passersby who had wanted to know what was going on.

There had also been an attempt to have Henry Kissinger arrested under an arrest warrant issued by the Spanish authorities which was, as far as was known, still valid. This evidence was presented to the police officers on duty and recorded. This matter is currently ongoing with visits to the Spanish embassy in Dublin being made this morning, Monday 10th May.

Neil Foster & Dave Derby, The Sovereign Independent

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De Fernando Negro a 04.12.2017 às 08:06

(Constituindo esta situação um muito interessante paralelo que se pode fazer com a da Catalunha, em que activismo é algo que faz parte da própria cultura...)

Se quiserem - para além da balada "Foggy Dew" que é tocada no primeiro vídeo desta colocação - outros muito belos exemplos de que o espírito de resistência é algo que está enraizado na própria cultura irlandesa, podem procurar no YouTube pelas várias canções da autoria da banda The Wolfe Tones e por outras "canções populares", como a intitulada "Come Out, Ye Black and Tans":

(Parabéns, irlandeses!)

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