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Alegado bombista de Manchester é filho de um membro de grupo apoiado (apenas no passado?) pelos serviços secretos britânicos




(O grupo em causa, pertencente à al-Qaeda, é o cuja história é descrita <nesta> página da Wikipedia. E, no final desta colocação que estou a fazer, têm uma palestra do abaixo referido ex-espião do MI5, David Shayler, a contar o que sabia sobre este apoio.)


Blowback? Manchester bomber linked to terrorist group which UK allegedly backed

[RT] Published time: 25 May, 2017 12:24

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi and his father, Ramadan, had long-standing links to a violent jihadist group which may have had British backing for the 2011 Libyan war and a 1996 attempt to kill then-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The controversy centers on the role of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was both an anti-Gaddafi and Al-Qaeda subsidiary in the North African state.

Many of the fighters which formed the group in the mid-90s were veterans of the Afghan-Soviet war from the 1980s. They went on to fight the Gaddafi regime in Libya itself.

The war saw the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime and the eventual murder of the leader himself after he was captured by opposition fighters. Since NATO’s intervention, Libya has been in chaos.

It has descended into a protracted civil war, is a major contributor to the international refugee crisis, has its own branch of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), and two opposing governments.

The elder Abedi was reportedly one of the LIFG fighters who fled Gaddafi’s response to the rebels, settling in London and, later, in Manchester.

The area of Manchester in which Salman Abedi grew up was home to a number of other LIFG members, including former senior commanders including Abd al-Baset Azzouz, who left Manchester to go to Libya and run a 200-300-strong militant network for Osama Bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Azzouz is reported to be an expert bomb-maker.

In 2002, former MI[5] agent and whistleblower David Shayler accused the British spy agency of colluding with the jihadist group in a failed 1996 effort to kill Gaddafi, an allegation the British government strenuously denies.

Allegations have also emerged that in 2011, the UK may have relaxed restrictions on LIFG fighters based in the UK and helped them return to Libya to fight Gaddafi.

The UK was at that time engaged in fighting Gaddafi as part of a US-led NATO coalition. Former fighters interviewed by the Middle East Eye said that the UK actively supported the return of anti-Gaddafi dissidents, including those with Al-Qaeda links, to the North African state.

One fighter who spoke to the Middle East Eye said he had been interviewed by an MI5 agent who asked if he was “willing to go into battle?”

“While I took time to find an answer he turned and told me the British government have no problem with people fighting against Gaddafi,” the fighter said.

Others reported that when the war in Libya began, they looked into how to get fake documents, because their passports had been removed as part of restrictive control orders placed on them by the UK government.

One said that within days, the authorities had returned their passports, after which they headed straight to Libya to take on Gaddafi.

At the time of the war, current UK Prime Minister Theresa May was Home Secretary, with oversight of MI5 operations. It is not clear if she was aware of the decision to relax restrictions of jihadists and return their travel documents.




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ONG financiadas por George Soros ajudam activamente africanos a imigrar ilegalmente para a Europa


(O vídeo acima colocado foi tirado desta reportagem.)


[Para quem duvidar do que eu já aqui denunciava, de que este fenómeno de imigração massiva de pessoas de culturas não europeias (i.e. africanas e asiáticas) para dentro da Europa é algo que muito interessa ao poder estabelecido ocidental, aqui fica a seguinte denúncia, por parte das autoridades italianas e europeia... À qual aproveito para acrescentar que: o termo "Fortaleza Europa", que é por vezes referido por alguma da suposta esquerda, não passa de um *mito* (muito provavelmente usado por forças políticas controladas, com vista a promover uma ainda maior imigração) - pois, basta a qualquer pessoa visitar as várias metrópoles dos vários países europeus mais ocidentais, para constatar que já uma boa percentagem da população que nelas vive é claramente de origem não europeia.]


‘Undesirable NGOs’ Fund ISIS-linked Refugee Boats to EU

By F. William Engdahl |
5 April 2017

Investigations by Italian authorities and others have found that NGOs funded by among others George Soros, are actively financing private ships to smuggle tens of thousands of illegal North African refugees into the EU via Southern Italy. The human trafficking is reportedly linked to ISIS smuggling networks. If confirmed by authorities, it could potentially open the NGOs to criminal charges.

Carmelo Zuccaro, the Chief Prosecutor of Catania, Sicily, has testified to a committee of the Italian Parliament in March that an official investigation into the funding of a fleet of modern refugee boats in the Mediterranean by private NGOs is warranted. He cited evidence that the human traffic smugglers in Libya and other North African coastal states, often reportedly linked to ISIS or other criminal bands, were coordinating the traffic into Italy of tens of thousands of illegal refugees. Zuccaro reported evidence that the human traffickers either on land, or on board smaller migrant boats, call the larger NGO-financed rescue vessels directly to arrange transfer of refugees. That implies a very close level of coordination between the human smuggler bands and the NGO-funded fleet of ships.

Zuccaro announced that his office is investigating what he called the “abnormal” amount of funds that allows even small agencies to hire ships. Italian authorities have so far uncovered at least ten private Non-Governmental Organizations involved, among them several NGOs financed by US hedge fund speculator George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Zuccaro also told Italian press that, “the facilitation of illegal immigration is a punishable offense regardless of the intention.” He said that Italy was also investigating Islamic radicalization occurring in prisons and camps where immigrants are hired, illegally or off the books. European Immigration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos stated that some 80% of the North African migrants arriving in Italy had no legal right to asylum. Many were reportedly from criminal gangs that sprang up after the 2011 US-backed bombing of Libya and killing of Gaddafi that threw the country into anarchy.

Over the course of the past year as the refugee human trafficking route through Greece has been all but closed down, the route into the EU from North Africa has shifted to southern Italy and to use of modern chartered vessels to carry the thousands of refugees to Sicily and other parts of Southern Italy. In the first two months of 2017 illegal refugee inflows from Libya into southern Italy have risen by as much as 40% over the same period a year earlier.

NGO Human Trafficking

The official EU European Border and Coast Guard Agency, FRONTEX, in its 2017 Risk Analysis report, states that “the Central Mediterranean has become the main route for African migrants to the EU and it is very likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Specifically, 89% of migrants arrived from Libya.”

The FRONTEX report went on to note a dramatic shift in 2016 from 2015. Earlier the major migration flow went from Turkey into Greece and the Balkan states on to Germany and other EU states: “NGO rescue operations (into southern Italy-w.e.) rose significantly to more than 40% of all incidents. Since June 2016, a significant number of boats were intercepted or rescued by NGO vessels without any prior distress call and without official information as to the rescue location.”

Frontex raised the possibility that traffickers were putting migrants out to sea in a prearranged collusion with the private NGO ships that recover them and then bring them to Italy “like taxis.” What the EU agency described is a human smuggling operation, in effect, operations of international criminal organizations including ISIS, being run by ships chartered or owned by various Non-Governmental Organizations among them Soros-financed NGOs.

Italian admiral Enrico Credendino, commander of the EU’s anti-trafficking Operation Sophia, said the NGOs’ ships come close to the Libyan shore to attract migrant boats in the dark. “At night they use large floodlights; the traffickers see them and send the dinghies (carrying migrants) towards the lights,” he stated. Then they are taken aboard the larger NGO ships for the journey to Italy.

Soros NGOs working with ISIS?

If the Italian investigations into the NGO funding of the fleet of charter ships are confirmed, this would suggest that the NGOs, several of them linked to foundations or organizations financied or controlled by George Soros, are colluding illegally with human trafficker bands, in many cases bands controlled by ISIS in Libya.

A 2017 report by Quilliam, a private UK think-tank, claims that ISIS or the Islamic State (IS) is involved in the human trafficking operations into Italy. Their report states: “While some refugees may have to pay smugglers up to $560 for passage towards the Mediterranean coast, IS, capitalising on this route, offer free passage to those willing to join IS…To those reaching the Mediterranean coast, IS offer potential recruits up to $1,000 to join the organisation. ” Not exactly humanitarian.

US human rights investigator and lawyer William Craddick has discovered that several of the NGOs chartering the human smuggling boats ware linked to financial patronage of George Soros

and his Open Society Foundations including of the Soros-funded; Save the Children, and Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) which charters a Mediterranean ship called Aquarius.

International Migration Initiative

Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which also has been reported to receive money from the US Government through the CIA-linked USAID, also funds something it calls the International Migration Initiative, an NGO Soros’ Open Society Foundations set up in 2010. Clearly the idea behind creation of Soros’ IMI was done with an eye to what would soon unfold in Europe as well as the USA refugee crises. The website of the Soros International Migration Initiative openly states that it has a “strategic corridor approach, facilitating coordinated action in countries of origin, transit, and destination.” The same website identifies what it terms three strategic migration corridors: Asia/Middle East, Central America/Mexico, and Eurasia, which centers on Central Asia into Russia. That almost sounds like a geopolitical grand design of someone.

In September 2016 the same George Soros announced he was “donating” $500 million to the European and US refugee cause. He declined to say where and how the money would be used. Was part of that earmarked for financing the fleet of modern NGO ships that bring tens of thousands of refugees from Libya? A relevant question to be sure for the Italian and other investigations.

In August, 2016 DCLeaks, a US website similar to Wikileaks, released 2,576 files predominately related to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. One memo by the Soros foundation dated May 10, 2016, argued that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the crisis means, “new opportunities” for Soros’ foundations to influence immigration policies on a global scale.

Soros and the ‘Merkel Plan’

The pawprints of Soros’ foundations are all over the EU refugee crisis that is upending social and economic stability across Europe since August 2015 when German Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised many even in her own party by declaring in a comment since become infamous, “we can do it,” followed by her decision on September 5, 2015 to accept thousands of refugees who had set out to walk from Keleti Station in Budapest to Germany, announcing that all refugees were welcome with open arms, no questions asked, no limit set. More than one million refugees, not only from Syria, flooded into Germany and other EU countries. As domestic opposition mounted against Merkel, in late 2015 Merkel went on a popular German TV talk show where she announced, “I have a plan.”

Indeed she did. It was even named by its architects, “The Merkel Plan.”

The plan was drawn up by a think tank with offices in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul by the name The European Stability Initiative (ESI). Under that Merkel Plan, in addition to the over 1 million refugees of 2015, in 2016 Germany should, “agree to grant asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees registered in Turkey over the coming 12 months.”

The Merkel Plan for accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees without question into Germany and other EU states with no number limit, “the new normal,” the term used by Soros’ International Migration Initiative website, was a product of the Soros networks as well. The author of the Merkel Plan and head of the ESI is an Austrian sociologist, Gerald Knaus. Knaus is a member of the George Soros-financed European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and an Soros’ Open Society Fellow. Knaus’ European Stability Initiative was financed, according to the German Die Zeit, by among others the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Washington-based German Marshall Fund, as well as Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Rome on brink of War

The recent explosion of illegal refugees into Southern Italy, aided by a fleet of ships chartered by NGOs linked to Soros and others, is no innocent humanitarian good samaritan deed. In December 2016 Virginia Raggi, the Mayor of Rome, said that the city was on the verge of a “war” between migrants and poor Italians. In southern Italy, the Sicilian Cosa Nostra had declared a “war on migrants” in 2016 amid reports that the Italian mafia had begun fighting with North African crime gangs who entered the EU among migrant populations.

The allegations of Soros NGO financing of a fleet of boats to illegally smuggle refugees or other migrants from North Africa into the EU suggested at the very least that the Washington-tied Soros networks were doing more than charity. It suggested that his NGOs were at least indirectly complicit in projects that were destroying the social stability of the EU much as Soros’ NGOs did in Ukraine in 2014 and before.

The impression is difficult to avoid that the entire current mass refugee phenomenon, together with the NATO wars that trigger them in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, is part of a far larger and far more sinister design and that the money of George Soros, the character behind virtually every US State Department and CIA-backed Color Revolution since the 2000 toppling of Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade, is right in the middle of it.

Little wonder that the foundations and operations of “philanthropist” Soros are increasingly under attack around the world, including in Viktor Orban’s Hungary, Soros’ country of birth.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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Muito estúpido ataque à Síria por parte de Donald Trump



[Quem pense que o perigo de uma Terceira Guerra Mundial foi eliminado com a não eleição de Hillary Clinton, desengane-se... Pois, com alguém que não prima pela sanidade mental e com notórios complexos de grandeza na presidência dos EUA, que não pensa duas vezes antes de "premir o gatilho", é este um perigo que irá estar sempre presente.]



Peligro y estúpido ataque a Siria: los británicos y neoconservadores engañaron a Trump

[LaRouche PAC] 7 de abril de 2017 — El ataque con misiles crucero ordenado por el Presidente Trump contra la base aérea siria fue un acto “estúpido”, con base en mentiras descaradas que le vendieron a Trump los británicos y los neoconservadores que han penetrado su gobierno, y que no quieren ver que surja una alianza entre Estados Unidos, Rusia y China. Esta fue la evaluación de Lyndon LaRouche y de Helga Zepp LaRouche, quienes destacaron que la escandalosa y peligrosa violación del derecho internacional que le endosar a Trump, es parte también de la “revolución de color” que está ya a todo vapor, el golpe de Estado de Wall Street diseñado para tumbar su gobierno.

“Los británicos pusieron en movimiento esto contra toda la especie humana”, señaló Lyndon LaRouche específicamente.

Los ataques comenzaron a las 00:45 GMT del 7 de abril, en el momento en que se iniciaba el banquete oficial del Presidente Trump al mandatario visitante de China, Presidente Xi Jinping, luego de la primera fase de su reunión en la residencia de Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Después de la cena, Trump se retiró para hacer la declaración oficial del ataque contra Siria.

La acción que se calificó oficialmente como un ataque de “solo una vez”, se realizó desde los buques de la armada de Estados Unidos estacionados en el Mediterráneo, que lanzaron 59 cohetes crucero Tomahawk contra la Base Aérea de al-Shairat en Homs, Siria. El Departamento de Estado emitió una declaración en la que dice que se le dio aviso previo a Rusia en el contexto del acuerdo existente para evitar conflictos. Siria no fue informada directamente, pero se podría esperar que Rusia informó a Siria. El gobierno sirio informó que 6 soldados sirios fueron asesinados en el ataque.

En el anuncio de los ataques, el Presidente Trump estableció como un hecho supuestamente probado que “el dictador sirio Bashar al-Assad lanzó un horrible ataque con armas químicas contra civiles inocentes... No puede haber ninguna discusión sobre que Siria utilizó armas químicas prohibidas”. Estas son aseveraciones sin prueba que le pasaron a Trump como hechos, antes de que se realizara ninguna investigación competente por parte de la ONU o de ningún otro organismo. Diversas fuentes de inteligencia bien informadas le han dicho a EIR que la Fuerza Aérea Siria realizó realmente un ataque aéreo contra lo que ellos consideran un depósito de armas del Estado Islámico (EIIS), que resultó que tenía armas químicas pertenecientes a los terroristas, y que estos hechos son conocidos por las agencias de inteligencia de Estados Unidos, pero que no fueron reportadas verazmente al Presidente Trump.

En su breve anuncio Trump dijo también que “es del interés vital de la seguridad nacional de Estados Unidos prevenir y disuadir el empleo de armas químicas letales... Esta noche, llamo a todas las naciones civilizadas a unirse a nosotros en el objetivo de acabar la masacre y el baño de sangre en Siria”.

El Secretario de Estado, Rex Tillerson, alegó que Rusia no había cumplido en implementar el acuerdo de 2013 para destruir las armas químicas de Siria. “Es claro que Rusia ha fallado en cumplir con ese compromiso de 2013”, le dijo Tillerson a los periodistas en Florida. “Así que, o Rusia ha sido cómplice o Rusia ha sido incompetente en su capacidad de cumplir... Nosotros sentimos que el ataque fue proporcional”, agregó.

“Esto indica de manera clara que el Presidente está dispuesto a tomar acciones decisivas cuando sea necesario”, alegó Tillerson. “En ningún modo intentaría extrapolar que eso es un cambio en nuestra política o en nuestra postura con relación a nuestras actividades militares en Siria hoy. No ha habido ningún cambio en ese estatus”, agregó.

De acuerdo a un funcionario de la defensa de Estados Unidos, a quien cita la agencia Reuters, Trump preguntó primero el 5 de abril cuáles serían las posibles acciones militares, después de que las agencias de inteligencia le habían dado la línea de que las naves sirias estacionadas en la Base Aérea de el-Shairat habían lanzado gas sarín contra civiles.

No se ha presentado ninguna “prueba” pública. La única información pública se origina de los llamados “Cascos Blancos”, un grupo financiado por los británicos y con conocidos nexos con el Estado Islámico.




LPAC Statement on Syria bombing: Fraud Against the President; Fraud Against the Nation

April 7, 2017 — In reviewing the Syria bombing ordered by President Donald J. Trump yesterday, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche condemned it in the strongest terms possible. President Trump received a fraudulent briefing on the event itself – asserting that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack on his own population – despite the fact that U.S. military forces on the ground in Syria knew that the chemicals came from an Al-Qaeda base, as stated by Russia and Syria. President Trump was lied to by individuals in his national security/intelligence chain of command. The sources utilized to claim Syrian culpability for the attack are exclusively British, the same people who are coordinating the international attack on Trump’s Presidency, in an effort to destroy any positive potential for relationships with Russia and China to rebuild the U.S. and world economy. This was a violation of international law. Trump was setup. “The British set this in motion against the entire human race,” Lyndon LaRouche emphasized.

LaRouche said the Trump must immediately seek out those responsible for the fraud and fire them. A United Nations investigation of the incident must occur immediately. Following both, a war crimes prosecution would be appropriate. The President should never listen to the British. It is not accidental that this setup occurred right when the President was meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping – a meeting which has the British and their Wall Street allies completely apoplectic – a meeting which could portend a new and peaceful paradigm for economic and scientific progress.

LaRouche PAC is coordinating a national mobilization against this fraud, telling the President to fire those responsible, and return to the sound American system premises of his Presidency, not the World War III policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing less than the continued viability of his presidency is at stake. We are also demanding that the United Nations immediately investigate.

According to numerous intelligence community sources who have commented or who have been interviewed by LaRouche PAC, active duty U.S. forces on the ground in Syria knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical attack. The Syrians hit an Al-Qaeda base which was storing chemical weapons used by the terrorists. U.S. forces on the ground reported that it was not a Syrian chemical weapons attack up the chain of command. The United States had been notified of the Syrian mission before it took place and knew about the Syrian targeting. Someone either deliberately lied to the President about this information or kept it from him.

The on the ground intelligence purporting to document a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Air Force came from the White Helmets group, created by the British, financed by the British Defense Ministry, and totally penetrated by and supporting ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists. The other cited “proof” comes from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory which consists of a single individual, residing in London, who is notorious for widely disseminating inaccurate information.

The President needs to hear from those who voted for him and other patriots who are not interested in World War III or perpetual war in the Middle East. The swamp which needs draining is the Wall Street/London/Washington D.C. neo-conservative, liberal interventionist swamp which has squandered the nation’s wealth, and involved our youth in fraudulent wars destroying the morale of an entire generation. Mr. President, find, fire, and prosecute those responsible for this.

Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 Monday-Friday or call switchboard at 202-456-1414.
You can write a message to the White House at
You can tweet the President at @realDonaldTrump.

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colocado por Fernando Negro às 18:29

Conheçam Tommy Robinson


Activista originário da subcultura holígane inglesa, constantemente caluniado e demonizado por alguma da suposta esquerda, censurado pela imprensa controlada e alvo de peças de ataque por parte da mesma, constantemente assediado pelas autoridades do seu país, repetida e também seriamente atacado fisicamente pelas suas críticas ao Islamismo radical e alguém que, ainda assim, simplesmente não se deixa calar, constitui este muito inteligente cidadão britânico (passando ao lado das críticas que se podem fazer ao mesmo) um interessante caso (proeminente) das ainda muito poucas pessoas no Reino Unido que têm a coragem de denunciar os problemas associados à religião islâmica, sem receio de ser erradamente colado a posições racistas ou xenófobas.
Quase todos os vídeos que podem ser encontrados no YouTube que o têm como protagonista são interessantes de se ver, para ter uma pessoa consciência de um muito sério problema que poderá um dia afectar outros países europeus mais a Sul. Sendo os que a seguir coloco, apenas dois que escolhi como amostra.

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Porque devemos ficar sempre "de perna atrás" com os muçulmanos




[Fazendo uma breve introdução a este tema (e não me esquecendo eu do facto de que as crenças pessoais e religiosas de todos devem sempre ser respeitadas)... O que se passa, é que a religião islâmica não é apenas mais uma religião qualquer (da mesma maneira que também o Fascismo ou o Comunismo não podem ser descritos meramente como mais umas quaisquer ideologias políticas). Sendo antes o Islamismo uma religião na qual é justificável matar e massacrar aqueles que não sejam adeptos da mesma. E sendo os grupos terroristas que se baseiam no Corão (assim como quem celebrou mais um recente atentado terrorista) pessoas que estão meramente a seguir e concordam com alguns dos princípios que são neste livro defendidos (enquanto a maioria dos adeptos desta religião simplesmente escolhe ignorar tais princípios). E, isto, falando apenas de alguns dos mais bárbaros actos defendidos e cometidos pelos adeptos desta religião - que, como muitos saberão, não são os únicos...]



Study: One Third of Young Muslims in France Think Terrorism is “Acceptable”

Full report delayed until after the election because it’s not “politically correct”

Paul Joseph Watson
March 21, 2017

A third of young Muslims in France think that terrorism is “acceptable” a new study has found, with the full report being delayed until after the election because it is not “politically correct”.

Findings of the study, which canvassed the opinions of 6828 high school students after the 2015 Paris attacks, were presented at a press conference in the French capital by researchers Olivier Galland and Anne Muxel.

The results are disturbing but not surprising given attitudes amongst Muslims living in European countries.

– A young Muslim is four times more likely to adhere to radical beliefs than a Christian.

– 33% of Muslim students consider it “acceptable” to “participate in violent actions for his ideas”. In other words, a third are sympathetic towards terrorism.

– 20% of Muslim students agreed with the statement that it was “acceptable to stand up for your religion with weapons”.

– 24% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings.

– 21% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Bataclan theater massacre during which 89 people were killed as part of the wider November 13 Paris attack that claimed 130 lives.

It is worth emphasizing that the percentage of young Muslims who refused to condemn Charlie Hebdo and the November 13 massacre are likely to be much higher than the numbers listed above given that those results are representative of the entire sample, and Muslims make up just 25% of the sample.

“When asked if these attitudes could be due to economic and social factors or a sense of victimisation, the researchers responded that “membership in the Muslim religion is the most predictive factor,” notes Westmonster.

The results were “not very politically correct,” remarked French journalist Gurvan Le Guellec, while others at the press conference expressed concern about the timing, noting that the full report would not be released until after the election.

Left-wing newspaper Le Monde slammed the researchers for “opening Pandora’s box” by simply relating the facts of the study.

However, the results are in line with previous polls such as a 2006 Pew Global Attitudes study which found that 42% of Muslims aged 18-29 thought that suicide bombings were sometimes justified.

The study vindicates the concerns of the majority of Europeans who, when asked in a recent Royal Institute of International Affairs survey, said they would like to see a total ban on Muslim immigration.



(Passagens violentas no Corão:


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Dias maçónicos de ocorrência de atentados


(E, bem a propósito do que ontem aconteceu...)
Aqui vai uma carta electrónica que enviei, na passada semana, a algumas pessoas.
(Supondo eu que, se poderá acrescentar aos locais "perigosos" que menciono também as imediações de parlamentos - e apenas estas, pois, estando os verdadeiros mandantes destes atentados lá dentro, deverão tais parlamentos ser espaços seguros...)


Assunto: Dias do mês em que não convém utilizar aeroportos

Mais um (possivelmente importante) aviso que faço, este de natureza mais "esotérica".

(Independentemente de acreditarem, ou não, no que vos digo eu acerca de quem realmente está por trás destes acontecimentos...)

Se repararem nas datas em causa, irão constatar que existe claramente uma forte incidência de certos dias em que é *muito* mais provável haver (1) golpes de estado e (2) atentados terroristas, do que nos restantes dias do mês. E, são os de que falo, os dias 7, 11 e 22.

Relativamente a (1) golpes de estado, podemos observar: o "11 de Março", que ocorreu em Portugal durante o PREC; o "11 de Setembro" de 1973, que ocorreu no Chile (e pôs Pinochet no poder); ou, por exemplo, a mais conhecida Revolução Bolchevique, que (no calendário ocidental) ocorreu no dia "7 de Novembro" (7/11).

Mas, muito mais importante do que isto, é reparar nos dias em que têm ocorrido (2) os principais atentados terroristas no Ocidente:

- "11 de Setembro" nos EUA
- "7 de Julho" (7/7) foi o dia em que ocorreram os atentados nas estações de Metro e num autocarro em Londres
- "11 de Março" foi o dia em que rebentaram as bombas na estação de comboios de Madrid
- "22 de Julho" (22/7) foi o dia em que Anders Breivik matou 77 pessoas na Noruega
- "22 de Março" foi o dia em que ocorreram os ataques em Bruxelas

Enfim... Só quem não estiver a prestar atenção às datas é que pode dizer que não há aqui algo de, no mínimo, mesmo muito coincidente... E, apesar de ter havido atentados noutras datas (com preferência para os meses 7 e 11), os principais ataques parecem seguir este padrão (oculto).

E, por isso, é só para vos avisar de que,

Se acham que eu poderei ter alguma razão no que digo, evitem ao máximo passar por aeroportos (i.e. viajar) e estar junto de grandes multidões nos (maçónicos) dias 7, 11 e 22 de cada mês.



Carta esta, à qual aproveito para acrescentar um comentário que fiz, há exactamente um ano, no blogue do meu amigo Dr. Octopus, a propósito dos atentados que tinham ocorrido em Bruxelas - para que saibam as pessoas no que me estou a basear, quanto faço este tipo de ilações.


E, reparem na assinatura maçónica... Dia 22.

7, 11, 22 e 33 são números maçónicos*.

7 de Julho, 11 de Março, 11 de Setembro, agora 22 de Março... Só não acontece nada a um dia ou mês 33 porque estes não existem.

13 de Novembro, em Paris = "sexta-feira 13" do mês 11. Sendo que, provavelmente, a "sexta-feira 13" (de significado cristão) terá a ver com qualquer elemento e significado satânico dos "iluminados" da maçonaria. (O que parece ser corroborado pelo facto de que o ataque ao concerto da banda de [suposto] death metal ocorreu no preciso momento em que tal banda tocava uma música de culto (explícito) a Satanás.)

Coincidência ou não, a explosão que ocorreu na zona dos edifícios da União Europeia, foi às 9:11. (Uma vez mais, a combinação "9-11" do 11 de Setembro estadunidense, da linha de emergência nos EUA etc. -

O número do voo do avião que iniciou os ataques de 11 de Setembro foi o "11". John F. Kennedy foi morto no dia 22/11. Etc...

* (O uso do 11 e múltiplos deste, toda a gente tem a obrigação de saber. Mas, para quem desconheça o uso do 7, deixo a seguinte fonte:

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Exercícios de "simulação" de múltiplos ataques terroristas em Paris foram agendados para o mesmo dia 13 de Novembro de 2015 em que ocorreram múltiplos ataques terroristas nesta cidade


É isso mesmo. Para não variar (e, supostamente, por "enorme coincidência") foram agendados para o dia destes atentados exercícios de "simulação" da mesma exacta situação que ocorreu.
(A mesma coisa que aconteceu: no 11 de Setembro; no 7 de Julho; no primeiro "22 de Julho"; e nos supostos atentados da Maratona de Boston.)
Também, aquando do ataque ao Bataclan, estavam 6 militares à porta desta sala de espectáculos. E, o que fizeram tais militares, quando o ataque ocorreu? Absolutamente NADA.

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Sobre os indivíduos que recebem tratamento psiquiátrico e que depois vão cometer atentados


Dada a repetida ocorrência de ataques, que beneficiam o poder estabelecido ocidental, que são cometidos por indivíduos que receberam tratamento psiquiátrico no seu passado - tal como foi o caso do terrorista de Nice - venho aqui chamar a atenção para algo que disse num comentário recente que deixei no blogue do meu amigo Dr. Octopus, a propósito do assassinato da deputada britânica Jo Cox, que fazia campanha contra o Brexit.


Ao qual aproveito para acrescentar que: ao contrário da psicologia, a psiquiatria é algo de muito perigoso e que deve ser evitado a todo o custo. Sendo as razões pelas quais eu digo isto, entre outras, o que pode ser visto neste documentário.

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