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Um resultado do imposto de Contribuição Audiovisual que vem na factura da electricidade (ou o "serviço público" da RTP em acção)



Não só não avisam as pessoas - e ainda mentem, repetidamente - sobre o que de mais importante se passa, como também se põem a gozar com quem o faz... (Paguem impostos, carneiros!)

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E, mais uma vez, censurado pela Blogger


(É por estas e por outras é que abandonei eu tal serviço e me mudei para o SAPO...)
O seguinte, é um comentário que (foi feito de modo apressado e sem grande paciência, mas que, ainda assim) foi repetidamente censurado - [1] [2] [3] - que tentei deixar num recém-criado blogue do mesmo autor da (relativamente conhecida) conta no Twitter "Crimes of Britain", em que se propõe tal autor a denunciar o que chama o "conluio" que existe entre o governo britânico e alguns grupos terroristas a operar em países muçulmanos.
Para melhores esclarecimentos (mais cuidados e elaborados) sobre os assuntos de que a seguir falo, deixo também aqui as seguintes hiperligações - [1] [2] [3] - para colocações minhas anteriores.


Fernando Negro 30 June 2017 at 05:29

It's not "collusion" that we're talking about... It's "creation" and "command & control".

The name "al-Qaeda" means "the base" - and, it comes from the computer/IT term "database" ( This supposed organization is actually just a list/"database" of Muslim fanatics who are, unknowingly, being used by Western (i.e. UK + USA) intelligence agencies - including on Western soil. And, as even the official History admits, "al-Qaeda" is a creation of the CIA.

Former MP Robin Cook called people's attention to the origin of such supposed organization ( a day after the 7/7 terrorist attacks, and appeared dead less than a month afterwards.

The recent change, in name, from "al-Qaeda" to "ISIS", most probably came as a result of the (at the time, increasingly) apparent contradiction, that was becoming too noticeable or obvious, that such supposed organization was actually being supported by the West (for example, in Lybia: while, at the same time, it was, supposedly, its enemy nº 1.

(And, even if you consider ISIS to be a separate organization from al-Qaeda - which is not, since that, its members are the same: - again, there are also proofs of a Western hand behind the appearance of such supposed organization:

Al-Qaeda/ISIS is just a tool of British and American intelligence agencies, that serves a variety of purposes. And, when it comes to terrorist attacks on Western soil, its purpose is (1) to create a pretext to invade countries in the Middle East, that are rich in natural resources, and (2) to create a pretext for a Police State in the West (in which the ruling elites, who ultimately give orders to our governments, can better control the ignorant masses).

Notice, for example, how the most important terrorist attacks on Western soil (the ones that cause more victims, and require serious planning) always happen on days or months 7, 11 and 22 (i.e. dates with Masonic numbers).

Please, take a look at the following great lecture, given in 2002, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, editor of the well-known "Centre for Research on Globalization" (, for an introduction to what I'm talking about.

And, please also take a look at the following sources, for more information about this: +

With all due respect, to know what you're (really) talking about, you should first do some serious reading of the above-mentioned sources... Otherwise, you'll just write tons and tons of wrong/incorrect analysis of what's (really) going on - and you'll possibly only realize some years from now how wrong/incorrect you were about this particular subject.

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[Para além de aproveitar eu para chamar a atenção para dois "tweets" - [1] [2] - recentemente feitos pelo ex-agente dos serviços secretos russos, Daniel Estulin, no qual denunciou (/confirmou) ele o controlo oculto que existe destas novas moedas electrónicas, deixo aqui o que, também eu, tive recentemente a dizer, especificamente sobre o fenómeno da conhecida moeda "Bitcoin", num fórum de discussão sobre assuntos relacionados com o Software Livre.]
Re: Why try to push bitcoin so hard
Post by Fernando Negro » 2017-02-28 05:30

Bitcoin is almost certainly a product of the "powers-that-be" - who, among other things, want to ultimately surveil and control everything and everyone.

Being that the (obvious) reason why it has been so quickly adopted by the main corporations, and is so much promoted in the mainstream media, and through armies of (what are certainly) establishment "trolls" (who, yes, do exist: ... gency.html).

The key term here, is "Cashless Society Control Grid".

And, notice how Western governments have already started restricting the use of physical cash ( ... try-guide/), and how the mainstream media have already started calling for its abolishment ( ... -cash.html).

Since that quoting is practised in these forums, and also to make my life much easier, I'll just quote, in here, what I've said in the recent past about this "Bitcoin" phenomenon:

(taken from here: ... ment-28176)

Bitcoin” is almost certainly a creation of the powers-that-be…

(And, also a too much sophisticated piece of networking software to have been done by a single person… Where did this “Sakamoto” character made his beta tests, then? His home network?)

The way that the Internet is immensely surveilled, nowadays (don’t look too much for information concerning the P*OMIS software – ... romis.html – or something bad – ... index.html – might happen to you), there’s no way that such a complex piece of software, that operates over the Internet, could have been developed without the powers-that-be already knowing, by now, who has created it.

So, this new piece of news [] will surely turn out to be just more “smoke”, to hide the true origins of this phenomenon.

Look at how quickly some of the big corporations (who constitute the real powers-that-be) adopted this currency ( ... coins.html). If this was really something contrary to the interests of the establishment, they would never adopt it – let alone so quickly, and in a way that promotes its growth.

And, all this paranoia about Bitcoin being used for crimes, is just (like you’ve said) that – paranoia. That is going to be used as a pretext to increase the surveillance and control of the Internet.

This “Bitcoin” phenomenon is the concretization of what Alex Jones and others have been warning, for almost two decades now… The so-called “Cashless Society Control Grid”.

And, explaining what I mean by this…

1) First of all, this so-called “cryptocurrency” is not cryptographic, at all. Since that, the NSA and the likes (who created its hash algorithm) can already decrypt it (

2) Second, it’s the end of privacy in monetary transactions. Since that, every transaction is publicly recorded. And, all that it takes to identify which transaction corresponds to which deal, is to read the corresponding e-mail exchanges between the persons involved in such a deal. (Do you think that your, however possibly encrypted, e-mails are not being read also? Check again the same link I’ve posted above:

3) Third, you are almost totally dependent on an Internet connection to be able to make such transactions. And, who controls the Internet? Big Brother. That is: the main/big corporations, that constitute the real powers-that-be, and their puppet-governments.

The future that the powers-that-be have planned, will be a Police State where *everything* – including the Internet – will be controlled. And, the future will also obviously be one where artificial intelligence will be advanced enough to be able to inspect every Internet traffic, and intercept/block whichever type it (specifically) wants. Here’s an example of how this is already being done, in certain places, since the last decade: ... #msg525995 [And, here's the description of the method used:]

Do you know what “WWW” stands for, in intelligence circles? R: “World Wide Wiretap”.

So, if you’re an individual who’s fighting the powers-that-be, either (1) because of an oppressive government, that passes laws where it forbids certain people to use the Internet (what’s already being done in certain countries, is to require an ID to use this network), or (2) because the big Internet companies that dominate the market (and that you are forced to use) simply decide that they don’t want to let you use their services anymore, you are always dependent on the “good will” of other entities to be able to make monetary transactions.

And all this, not counting with all the “dirty tricks” that can be used against you – like simply interfering with your monetary transactions, when they’re passing through the Big Brother network, and then have your Internet company respond to you that it must have been some “glitch”, or that they simply don’t know where your money went. (Here’s an example, if you want, of one of the big Internet companies making comments of mine disappear, simply because they want to: ... -meus.html)

Also, in the era of spyware and software insecurity, in a lot of proprietary computer operating systems and programs, that most people use (and, where we even have to be careful with the hardware that we use – ... -pc-access), to have a “digital wallet”, on a computer hard drive, is the most ridiculously and laughably insecure manner of storing your money that I have ever heard of! (And, all that it takes to make you loose all your savings, is to simply demagnetize your hard drive – which can be done from a distance.)

Please, (seriously) inform yourselves about Internet and computer security, in order to realize what (/the trap that) you’re really getting yourselves into.

And, I'll leave here two more quotes, from following comments that I made in the same thread:

Concerning Internet “security”: ... _pt1.shtml ... puter.html ... n-the-net/


In order to create and conceive something like “Bitcoin”, there has to be a deep knowledge of computer networking software, and also of Economics – and, I immensely doubt that there’s a single person on this planet that could have both.

(When was the last time that you’ve met a computer “geek” that also had a degree in Economics?)

Therefore, I would much more easily believe this to be the work of a large group of highly intelligent and knowledgeable people, from different areas.

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Daniel Estulin poderá (/deverá) ter mesmo razão, quando fala de uma "guerra interna" que estalou entre as elites da NOM


(Para quem o que é dito <nesta> entrevista recente possa causar muitas dúvidas, deixo aqui o seguinte artigo, publicado uma semana antes do referendo do Brexit - onde é exposta a quantidade de notícias que, na imprensa britânica, foram emitidas contra e a favor desta saída da UE...)



"Hard Evidence: analysis shows extent of press bias towards Brexit"

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Denúncias de espionagem electrónica por parte da CIA a cidadãos estadunidenses são da autoria de funcionários da própria agência


[Uma edição imperdível (das tantas) do programa de rádio de Alex Jones - em que, de acordo com o alto funcionário governamental Steve Pieczenik, se denuncia que as recentes revelações de espionagem electrónica ilegal por parte da CIA a cidadãos do seu próprio país, que estão a ficar conhecidas como "Cofre 7", fazem parte da guerra interna governamental, entre nacionalistas e agentes da NOM, que se iniciou após a vitória de Donald Trump nas últimas eleições presidenciais.]

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iTunes começou a censurar (/interferir com) a imprensa alternativa


Depois de, em Novembro último, ter sido temporariamente retirada da loja de aplicações da Apple a aplicação do sítio na Internet "Breitbart News" (cujo fundador caiu morto no meio da rua, quando se preparava para revelar um vídeo que iria arrasar com a Administração Obama), eis que, na semana passada, muita gente se queixou de que a mais recente edição do conhecido programa de rádio "The Joe Rogan Experience" (que se distinguiu das outras por ter sido nela entrevistado Alex Jones e ter o último falado sobre o escândalo de pedofilia "Pizzagate") não apareceu, durante muito tempo, na lista de programas carregados para a respectiva conta no iTunes.
Podem ver <aqui> uma confirmação deste sucedido, feita pelo anfitrião de tal programa de rádio. E, podem também ver, no seguinte vídeo, uma constatação de que, no mínimo, algo de mesmo "muito estranho" se passa com a respectiva conta no iTunes.

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Amazon começou a rotular certos livros "Teorias da Conspiração"


Depois da recente (e ainda decorrente) ofensiva contra a imprensa alternativa, sob a forma de uma campanha que visa difamar a última rotulando-a como emissora de "notícias falsas", eis que - no decorrer de umas colocações que fiz no Twitter - quando fui ao sítio da Amazon saber como se soletrava o nome de um autor, me deparei com o seguinte - um acrescento agora feito pela Amazon ao título de um livro.


(Cliquem na imagem para a ampliar.)

Screenshot - 17-01-2017 - 05:29:46.png


Relativamente ao qual aproveito para fazer uma pergunta retórica, aos média de massas e seus (verdadeiros) amos: Se estes sítios e autores emitem notícias falsas e escrevem livros com meras "teorias da conspiração" - e estão vocês, claramente, incomodados com os mesmos, ao ponto de fazerem uma campanha contra estes - se são nomes de organizações e indivíduos muito específicos os que são mencionados por estes, se há mesmo muita gente a prestar atenção aos últimos e se são graves as acusações que estes fazem, porque razão não tomam vocês a muito mais democrática atitude de processar judicialmente tais responsáveis? (Será que é porque têm medo do resultado de acções desse tipo?)

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Primeira entrevista histórica de Alex Jones a Donald Trump


Feita há um ano, quando Donald Trump era ainda um mero pré-candidato republicano. E, falo em primeira, porque uma outra poderá estar para breve.
Poucos dias antes desta entrevista, Trump publicou um tweet no qual incluiu uma hiperligação para o sítio - e, após ter ganho as eleições, Trump telefonou ainda a Alex Jones a agradecer todo o enorme apoio que este radialista deu à sua campanha.

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